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Dennis Harrah
6'5" 260
Offensive Guard
Los Angeles Rams
1975 - 1987
13 Seasons
168 Games Played
6 Pro Bowls

Dennis Wayne Harrah was a first round draft choice by the Los Angeles Rams in 1975. He was the eleventh player picked overall. Harrah went to college at the University of Miami in Florida. Unfortunately, the colleges gridiron records are not in good shape past 1983. Dennis played all over the offensive line in his collegiate career before settling in at Tackle. In 1973, he was an honorable mention All American. Harrah then was selected a unanimous All American in 1974. Dennis Harrah is a member of the University of Miami (Fla) Sports Hall of Fame.

Harrah joined a very good, but aging, offensive line in Los Angeles. Led by Hall of Famers like Guard Tom Mack, Defensive Tackle Merlin Olsen, and Defensive End Jack Youngblood, the Rams went 12-2. The Rams went to the NFC Championship game that year. Harrah backed up legendary Center Rich Saul, and former Pro Bowl Guard Joe Scibelli that season. Harrah was part of a Rams draft that produced 5 Pro Bowlers.

Harrah started at Right Guard in 1976 after Scibelli retired. The Rams went 10-3-1, and got to the NFC Championship game once again. Dennis was injured in the eighth game on the 1977 season, and missed the rest of the year. The 10-4 Rams would go on to lose in the first round of the playoffs. He made his first Pro Bowl in 1978, as the 12-4 Rams would lose in the NFL Championship game yet again. L.A. had 4 of their offensive linemen go to the Pro Bowl that year, and ten players total. Sitting on the bench in his 3rd season was Hall of Fame Tackle Jackie Slater. By 1979, the Rams featured one of the best offensive lines in football. Harrah, Doug France, Saul, Slater, and Kent Hill were all multiple Pro Bowlers. Dennis was named to the Pro Bowl again that year, and the 9-7 Rams went on to play in Super Bowl XIV. Harrah was only able to play 8 games in 1980 due to injuries. The 11-5 Rams would lose in the Wild Card game. The Rams would win just 8 games total over the next two seasons. 1980 saw the Rams go 9-7 behind rookie Eric Dickerson's 1,800 yards rushing, 51 catches, and 20 TD's. The Rams won the Wild Card game, but lost in the next round, as Dennis was named to the UPI All Conference Second Team. Harrah was also named to the UPI All Conference Second Team in 1984. 1985 saw him missing six games, but still being named to the Pro Bowl. The 11-5 Rams would go on to lose in the NFC Championship game. Dennis went to the Pro Bowl again in 1986, as the 10-6 Rams lost in the Wild Card game. Harrah missed 7 games in the 1987 season due to injury, but was named to his last Pro Bowl team. He retired at the conclusion of the season.

Dennis Harrah was an amazing athlete. He ran the 40 in 4.8 seconds, and could bench press over 500 lbs. He played all over the offensive line with equal skill. He helped lead Lawrence McCutcheon, Wendell Tyler, and Eric Dickerson to 1,000 yard seasons during his career. He was an exceptional pass blocker as well. Harrah seems to have been neglected by the Hall of Fame voters so far. He was part of some of the best offensive lines in football. Two are in Canton, but neither played together. The one constant was Harrah. He played with both, and was so good that he made his team mates look better. The best way to determine an offensive lineman's impact is not by counting his Pro Bowls. It is by watching him, and seeing the effect he has on each game he plays. Still, you can see his worthiness by counting his Pro Bowl accolades. Dennis Harrah should have been elected into Canton years ago.

Notable Players Drafted In 1975 (* Denotes Canton Inductee)

1. Steve Bartkowski, QB, Atlanta
2. Randy White, MLB, Dallas *
4. Walter Payton, RB, Chicago *
6. Robert Brazile, LB, Houston Oilers
8. Gary Johnson, DT, San Diego
16. Russ Francis, TE, New England
17. Louie Wright DB, Denver
18. Tom Henderson, LB, Dallas
20. Doug France, OT, LA Rams
22. Mike Williams, DB, San Diego
26. Dave Brown, DB, Pittsburgh
28. Monte Jackson, DB, LA Rams
30. Louis Kelcher, DT, San Diego
31. Mike Hartenstein, DE, Chicago
33. Fred Dean, DE, San Diego *
36. Fred Solomon, WR, Miami
53. Mike Washington, DB, Baltimore
70. Bob Breunig, LB, Dallas
82. Tony Peters, DB, Cleveland
85. Cleveland Elam, DE, San Francisco
95. Rich Upchurch, WR, Denver
105. Roosevelt Leaks, RB, Baltimore
108. Mike Thomas, RB, Washington
116. Steve Grogan, QB, New England
120. Pat McInally, WR, Cincinnati
121. Rubin Carter DT, Denver
135. Bob Avellini, QB, Chicago
164. Ricky Young, RB, San Diego
176. Pat Haden, QB, LA Rams
199. Steve Foley, DB, Denver
216. Mike Strachan, RB, New Orleans
228. Dallas Hickman, DE, Washington
253. Roland Hooks, RB, Buffalo
262. George Martin, DE, NY Giants
291. Doug Plank, DB, Chicago
420. Roland Harper, RB, Chicago


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